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DIY Projects

The Ammonit
07 Mar 2001: This is a snail shaped loudspeaker made of concrete.

The GeerS eVe II
27 Feb 2001: Inspired by the Andromeda loudspeaker, this design has a matrix cabinet and a series crossover.

The Proteus - To D' Appolito or not to D' Appolito, that is the question
27 Feb 2001: An exercise in trying to use the series network for two different configurations using the same loudspeaker. The guinea pig is a classic MTM configuration using two Seas 7-inch mid-woofers and a 1-inch soft dome tweeter in a stand mounted symmetrical reflex loaded cabinet. Furthermore the drivers are physically time aligned.

The Andromeda, or building a reference speaker
02 Apr 2000: An extensive description of building a no-compromise loudspeaker system and what you bump into along the way. Drivers used are a Focal Audiom 13KX, a Scanspeak 18W8545 and a Focal TC120Tdx2. Joined together by the less common series-filter.

Making of M2
21 Feb 2000: A high-end two-way monitor using a Seas Excel woofer and a Scan-Speak Revelator tweeter.

Response At its Best
15 Apr 1999: The Response is a three way loudspeaker system featuring Vifa's D19TD-05-08 tweeter, Jaycar's 30mm dome midrange and Jaycar's 8" poly woofer.

The RS15-ISO Tube
04 May 1998: Subwoofer for home theater using a pair of Radio Shack (model RS40-1301) drivers.

Toccata Grande, Part 1
20 Jan 1998: Lars Mytting's exciting narrative on his experimental 3-way transmission line with five Seas drivers. The story includes discussions on driver area, a new idea for midrange baffles and a novel method for reducing cabinet vibrations.

Toccata Grande, Part 2
20 Jan 1998: Part 2 of Lars Mytting's exciting narrative on his experimental 3-way transmission line with five Seas drivers. The story includes discussions on driver area, a new idea for midrange baffles and a novel method for reducing cabinet vibrations.

Making of M1
20 Jan 1998: A 2-way closed box loudspeaker featuring a Scan-Speak tweeter and a Scan-Speak 6 1/2 mid-woofer.

The Last Loudspeaker System
15 Dec 1997: A compact two-way loudspeaker system using a Seas Excel woofer and a Focal tweeter driver.

The Sunshine
09 Aug 1997: A floorstanding two-way loudspeaker using Audax 8 inch woofer and Dynaudio tweeter.

Almighty Subwoofers, Part 3: Filter details
06 Jul 1997: More details on the active filter circuit used in the Almighty Subwoofers.

Speakers from the sewer
02 Mar 1997: Esben Beck has made his speakers from concrete sewage pipes. Read about this rather unusual speakers. A two-way with an internal subwoofer.

Almighty Subwoofers, Part 2: Enclosure Details
22 Feb 1997: An addition to the previous article on the Almighty Subwoofers. Some enclosure details.

The High Fidelity Voights
13 Feb 1997: A Voight horn using a Philips 6.5" double cone fullrange driver.

Update on The Nightingale
04 Jan 1997: Updates to the article on the Nightingale speaker.

Almighty Subwoofers
01 Jan 1997: Stig Erik Tangen's new subwoofers features a JBL 2226G 15-inch woofer and a 160 kg cabinet!

A two-way with Scan-Speak 8542-05 and Vifa D25AG 35-06
31 Dec 1996: This is a report from a DIY loudspeaker project using a Scan-Speak 8542-05 woofer and a Vifa D25AG 35-06 tweeter. Points of interest includes low crossover frequency and sandwiching MDF with solid wood.

The Nightingale
02 Nov 1996: A hylo-idealistic 3-way with driver test, building description and happy ending.

Design of the Esquire
10 Apr 1996: The Esquire is a two-way loudspeaker system incorporating the Vifa P13WH-00-08 woofer/midrange and the Vifa D27TG-45-06 one inch fabric dome tweeter.

Decent Floor standing Speakers for Home use
04 Apr 1996: A two-way with a 15 inch woofer and two Motorola Piezo tweeters.

The Tempest
31 Mar 1996: A three-way loudspeaker system with Tonegen/NHT 1259 woofer and Vifa tweeter and midrange.

REAL subwoofers!
20 Mar 1996: For real bass you need a real subwoofer. This is a large subwoofer using 2 10 inch bass drivers that plays down to 17Hz.

The Extra Stimulus Twin Iso 8
11 Feb 1996: The Extra Stimulus Twin Iso 8 is a four way ported system with four 8 inch woofers in dual isobaric pairs.

Horn/dipole speakers and amplifiers
01 Jan 1996: Pictures from some of Thomas Dunker's loudspeaker and amplifier projects. The projects include horn and dipole speakers and valve amplifiers.

OA-Transient II
31 Dec 1995: A terminated line loudspeaker using Scan-Speak 18W/8542-05 mid/woofer and a Vifa D27TG-35-06 tweeter.

Modification of a Klipsch horn
31 Dec 1995: An article on horn speakers in general, and description of a modification on a Klipsch corner horn.

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